Quaddiction Gate

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There is no fancy sales page. For those of you that don’t know me, you probably know of my other company Neato Frames.

Quaddiction isn’t new, but this will be its first product.

These are not simply pop-up soccer gates with the net cut out.

They are custom designed specifically for this sport. They have been in development since May 2016!

And you’re going to absolutely love them.



  • 5ft x 5ft training side with a 5×4 RMRC pro side (4ft height)
  • 15cm of high visibility yellow for easily setting up your line from a distance.
  • Super forgiving. The 15cm of material will give way if you hit it, letting you keep on going (unless you catch the rod inside).
  • 4 ground stakes attached (screw carrying around a bag of metal stakes!)
  • Pops open is SECONDS
  • Collapses in SECONDS

Spend more time practicing and less time changing props, setting up, and tearing down.

When are they available?


How much?

$60/ 2 gates (sold in pairs)

If you have any questions hit me up on Instagram (@itwillbefun.fpv) before launch.

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